Initiates, Masters, the Four Horseman and The Door Where Evil Dwells

This presentation dives deep into the mystery of initiation. Initiation is in the nature of a great experiment which our Planetary Logos is making during this round.  The whole process is optional, and a man may—if he so choose—follow the normal process, and take aeons of time to effect what some are choosing to do in a briefer period, through a self-chosen forcing process of passing out of the definitely human kingdom into the super-human. He is entering into the final stage in our present evolution.

We then dive into the mystery of the Four Horsemen of Revelation – and who they are. Much fear concerning The Four Horseman developed through the Piscean age and misunderstanding of the work these four Masters need to complete to fully bring about the age of Aquarius. The presentation replaces the fear with hope.

The last major topic of this presentation is The Door Where Evil Dwells.  There is a door into an evil realm and into blackness, just as there is a door into a world of goodness and light. This presentation peaks into the abyss.

For children, the topics are presented using the analogy of the Harry Potter movies.

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