Origins of the Nature of Everything

The root of this work comes from the writings of Blavatsky, Bailey and Besant. These women worked with Master Djwhal Khul in presenting ancient truths. He is the ultimate source however he did work with other Masters. The major works included in this The Secret Doctrine, Volume IV, the Nature of Everything (NOE) are:

  1. Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire ,
  2. Blavatsky (as edited by Besant), The Secret Doctrine, Third and Revised Edition
  3. Bailey, A Treatise on the Seven Rays,
  4. Besant, Occult Chemistry


Part I – Spirilla Theory and Cosmology

Stephen Hawking once proclaimed that String Theory may be able to unify the various forces although later he became disillusioned thinking that there may be no Theory of Everything. This very condensed book pulls together the various forces into the Spirilla Theory which supersedes String Theory and introduces the Relativity of Consciousness.

The foundation of the Spirilla Theory is based on the writings of H. P. Blavatsky, A. B. Bailey, and A. Besant. By overlaying the works of Einstein, Bohm, de Broglie, Dirac, Bell and other great scientific minds, on top of the foundation, the unification of the various forces and theories starts to appear; each field of study supplying a part of the puzzle but only a holistic view of ALL endeavors will solve the mystery. The book starts by laying the groundwork through the Introduction, a review of Bell’s Theorem and p-adic mathematics; following this, each major section begins with a quote from the foundational works followed by the quotes from scientific papers demonstrating the current known thinking on the various topics; no attempts are made to edit the works (except with a few exceptions for clarity and/or length) of the various authors and references to the scientists’ works are maintained. Each section is pulled together so that a picture can be seen.

This section;

  • Redefines the atom with the addition of a subquark;
  • Defines the Spirilla Theory which unifies Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity, and explains Quantum Entanglement;
  • Defines new particles;
  • Redefines time and space;
  • Defines and solves the mystery of Black Holes and links the cosmic and quantum black hole through the spirillae;
  • Delves into the mystery of the Macroverse;
  • Outlines the steps in the origins of the universe;
  • Adds an equation to Einstein’s original 1905 paper on relativity which sees the speed of light approaching infinity;
  • Gives the foundation for developing space travel; and, as an appendix,
  • Gives detailed information for the development of a new energy source – Quantum Energy.

Part II – Ontology, Epistemology and Manifestation

Part II is divided into three sections:

  1. Ontology and the fundamental concepts of reality which discusses:
    1. consciousness and delves into the mystery of human consciousness having cosmic origins;
    2. reincarnation and gives the various laws affecting rebirth, with a discussion on the principle of mutation and the perfecting of form;
    3. the work of form-building, transmutation of form and the building of a human form.
  2. Epistemology which covers many topics, however; for the purposes of NOE the subject is restricted to;
    1. evolution including a definition of the Law of Evolution, the cyclic ebb and flow and the rhythmic work of creation, the process of substitution, the evolution of man and the genesis of the pithecoid stocks; and
    2. death including the processes of death, two main reasons for cremation and the sequence of events at death.
  3. Manifestations of the various religions including:
    1. why Christians don’t believe in reincarnation;
    2. the coming science of invocation and evocation;
    3. Quantum Entanglement Over Time or The Law of Cause and Effect, and The Law of Karma with a discussion on The Golden Rule; and
    4. The New World Religion.



The ‘Pictorial Compendium of The Secret Doctrine, Volume IV, the Nature of Everything’ is a compendium on various topics including the Origin of the Universe and solves the mystery of expansion, to Evolution (sorry Darwin but you are wrong!) to discussing ‘Initiation, Initiates and Masters.’ Pictures are used to for the young, the young at heart and non-scientist, and words, at times, for the highly educated. It is meant to bridge the gap of Part II Ontology, Epistemology & Manifestation of NOE hence the discussion around physics and chemistry is limited since these topics are covered in The Secret Doctrine, Volume IV.

Extracts of the Compendium may be found under the Collections tab, The Nature of Everything, Collection.



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